Auschwitz and Wieliczka Salt Mine in one day

Save the time and money – visit both places in one day!

Auschwitz-Birkenau was a Nazi death camp, created and operated by the Third Reich. The camp was built in May 1940 and existed until late 1944. It has become a symbol of Holocaust, extermination, and terror. During the period of 1940-1944 not less (probably much more) than 1.5 million of people (90% of them were Jews) were killed predominantly in the gas chambers, and after the mass murders, their bodies were burned in crematoria. After the Second World War Poland founded a museum on the site of Auschwitz and Birkenau. After two years – in 1979 it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visiting this place is strongly emotional and touching. It’s also definitely shocking because these places are real. Everyone shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. Sightseeing death camp gives the chance to understand the history and gives hope that after such a strong lesson people will never again repeat the tragedy from 70 years ago.

Sightseeing gives the opportunity to learn and witness the history. That is why to make your time in Poland more enjoyable we would like to offer you tour to another special place in one-day tour program- Wieliczka Salt Mine.
This absolutely unique and amazing place was created in the 13th century and is one of the world’s oldest salt mines. The Underground tourist route contains 3 levels, 3 km from paths, 20 chambers, underground lake and depth deep from 64 to 135 meters. Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most popular places in Poland, visited by more than million tourists annually. This is the must-see place while travelling to Poland.

Basic information about Auschwitz and Wieliczka Salt Mine in one day tours:

Kraków to Auschwitz and Salt Mine tour starts from your hotel/apartment or any other place in the centre of Kraków at 9:00 in the morning. Our driver will wait for you at an agreed location. The first stop is 70km away from Kraków at Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. After 3,5 hours (more or less) sightseeing, the driver takes you to the second place – Wieliczka Salt Mine. It is also the perfect time for a lunch break – we suggest you use the chance to try polish cuisine in the nearby restaurant. After the delicious food (like polish dumplings or żurek) you will start a 2,5 hour Salt Mine sightseeing. Subsequently, after long but interesting day, our driver will take you back to your hotel or any other place in the centre of Kraków.
To ensure you receive the best service, we prepared:

  • Door-to-door service.
  • Private Van.
  • English speaking driver
  • Professional driver with experience and high English skills.
  • Air conditioned car.
  • Child seat for children under 150 cm.
  • Bottle of water during travelling.
  • The driver’s help to buy entry tickets to the Museums Auschwitz-Birkenau and Salt Mine.
  • The driver’s help to find an English – speaking guide in the Museums Auschwitz-Birkenau and Salt Mine.
  • Payment in PLN, USD, EUR or GBP.
  • All the taxes, insurance, and the fuel costs included.

Centre of Kraków, Wieliczka Salt Mine and Auschwitz on google maps:

Auschwitz - Birkenau

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Center of Kraków

Useful/additional information:

  • Door-to-door service.
  • Tour duration time: 10 hours.
  • The distance between Kraków and Auschwitz-Birkenau is 65 km/40 miles. The driving time: 1,5 hours.
  • The distance between Auschwitz-Birkenau and Wieliczka Salt Mine is 75km/56miles. The driving time: 1,5 hour.
  • Entrance tickets and English guided tour (Auschwitz official website, Salt Mine official website)
  • There is a possibility to visit Auschwitz without the guide for free but you need to enter the museum before 10 am.

Auschwitz-Birkenau (see also Auschwitz-Birkenau tour solo) and Wieliczka Salt Mine tour in one day is addressed to all the people who come to Kraków for a short break or just for a weekend and do not have much time for sightseeing Kraków. If you’re one of them- contact us.

Auschwitz and Wieliczka Salt Mine in one day tours from Krakow price list:

Price list PLN EUR
Group up to 2 people 600 130
Group of 3 – 5 people 550 120
Group of 6 – 8 people 500 110
Group of 9 and more Contact us Contact us

* included English guided tour, price per person, PRIVATE CHAUFFEUR